About Us


Always a good time ...

If you look close you'll see the smiles .. We love playing for you. 


"Walk right in ... Sit right down ..

When Black Cross gets in front of a good crowd there's no telling whats going to happen. We write out sets but we rarely stick to them .. Your reaction dictates our performance. We want to see jaws agape with disbelief, uncontrollable dancing, smiles, singing along, heads bop'n, toes tap'n .. If we don;t see those things we're doing something wrong. 


Loud and Proud

If you wanna go out with your friends and sit around and talk all night then I'm thinking a Black Cross Show isn't gonna work out for ya....But, if you're headed out to have a great night of dancing with your friends, hang with the band and support live music, (we lean southern dar'ln) .. Well then, I'm gonna say Hell Yeah .. Get your butt to a Black Cross gig .. We're just what you're looking for.