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Tommy Lunger Jr. - Lead Vocal


Tommy is our soul. He loves this band and when he performs you can tell.  It's not just the music. Its the fans and the vibe they give off to the band .. These are a few of Toms favorite things. 

Don Miller - Lead Guitar / Slide


This guy !! .. To sit here and try and do a write up on this cat would take weeks . Lets just say, when it comes to rockin the house southern style,  it don't get much better than this. Don has been in and out of the Hunterdon County New Jersey music scene for many a moon now ... When you see him play stand back at least 20 feet or you'll get burned.. hah

Kenny Horvath

Silent but deadly. Kenny is the cat in the band that shows up for work on time and on a mission.

Kenny H .. Silent but deadly. Kenny is the guy in the band that never pisses and moans about anything. He shows up, ready to go to work and lays down leads solid as rock yet fluid as mercury .. Every band should be so lucky to have a guy like this on stage with them. 

Jamie Tiger

Jamie Tiger. Drums. Black Cross's newest family member.

Jamie is the newest member of the Black Cross family ... He migrated over to us via his band The Dirty Blondes ... Jamie is a strong addition to and already solid line-up. . He is an amazingly focused time piece for the band. His work ethic and dedication has already shone bright .. We look forward to working with Jamie and we're sure you'll love him too. 

Wiley Moody _ Bass Guitar


Wiley is a beast .. He is our rock. Our wall of sound. Our member of the month winner for 36 consecutive months. . . haha .. Wiley adds the bottom to our top in every song we play. . And to top off the cake, Wiley can sing the shit outta some ZZ Top for ya .. and a whole bunch of other tunes too .. Pretty freakin cool !! 

Lenny DePiano

Lenny DePiano on keys. Loving every second he's onstage.

Lenny  DePiano on keyboards. Yes, that is his given name.  lol . . . If this guy could be on stage every night he'd still want more. Lenny has been in this business for over 40 years. Before Black Cross he was involved in several other projects. Hollow Point, Gypsy Rose, JLT Allstars, Slackjaw, Damian just to list a few. Lenny was also the host of one of New Jerseys most successful open mics 'Lenny's Night Out Open Jam' . He has sat in with some of the best musicians in the Northeast.  ... He has now found his resting place here with The Black Cross Band.